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The attribute window as shown in the hero panel for a ranger.

Attributes are characteristics which improve character and pet effectiveness in combat. There are 15 core attributes, plus one additional profession-specific attribute. The base value for each attribute is the same for all professions, with the exception of Health, which is profession-specific.

Attributes are primarily increased by the attribute combinations included inside the equipment worn by the character. Some traits and skills can give bonuses to attributes as well, and in PvE and WvW they can also be increased through the use of consumables. When a higher level character is in a lower level zone, attributes are reduced via Dynamic level adjustment.

Primary attributes[edit]

Primary attribute growth
Level Increase
2-10 +7
11-20 +10
21-24 +14
25-26 +15
27-30 +16
31-40 +20
41-44 +24
45-46 +25
47-50 +26
51-60 +30
61-64 +34
65-66 +35
67-70 +36
71-74 +44
75-76 +45
77-80 +46

There are four primary attributes: two offensive and two defensive. Primary attributes have a base value that grows with character level, rising every level until character level 10 and every even level thereafter. The base value starts at 37 for a level 1 character and increases to a total of 1000 at level 80. This progression is shown in detail in the table to the right. For a detailed breakdown, see level rewards.

Secondary attributes[edit]

In contrast to primary attributes, the five secondary attributes have a base value of 0 and do not automatically increase as a character gains levels.

Derived attributes[edit]

The six derived attributes are calculated from the primary and secondary attributes and statistics from gear and profession. These attributes are generally not directly available as part of attribute combinations.

Profession attributes[edit]

The sixteenth core attribute is specific to each profession. Similar to secondary attributes, profession attributes do not automatically improve as a character gains levels. Unlike primary and secondary attributes, they cannot be improved by equipment; profession attributes can only be increased by equipping traits in the corresponding specialization.

Note that Revenants do not have a profession attribute.

Other attributes[edit]

The following attributes are not considered part of the core attributes, and are neither available through attribute combinations nor represented in any panel.

Special attributes[edit]

These attributes are only useful in specific situations, or are not useful in combat at all.


  • Before the September 2014 Feature Pack, a player would receive a small increase of attribute values with each level up, instead of greater increases every 6 levels. Additionally, the base values for primary attributes received a small boost from 916 to 926 at level 80.

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