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Essence of Gold.png

Thank you to the generosity of the following players:

  • Zel Reborn (10 Gold coin distributed)
  • Sinbad Hun (100 Gold coin distributed)
  • Werdes (10 Gold coin distributed)
  • Raenzjar (50 Gold coin distributed)
  • Liara Delduwath (12 Gold coin distributed)
  • Garrok Spiritrender (30 Gold coin distributed)
  • Allene Dawn (30 Gold coin distributed)
  • Luna Marest (20 Gold coin distributed)
  • Savient Laishe (600 Gold coin distributed)
  • Sturmhart (150 Gold coin distributed)
  • Irene Lyran (20 Gold coin distributed)
  • Kit the Traveler (30 Gold coin distributed)
  • Intricity (2 Gold coin distributed)
  • UnbalancedJ (3 Gold coin distributed)
  • Viss (10 Gold coin distributed)
  • anonymous (91 Gold coin distributed)
  • Makkuroii (1 Gold coin distributed)
  • Sif of the Raven (10 Gold coin distributed)
  • Towelcat (200 Gold coin distributed)
  • Delsea (555 Gold coin distributed)
  • ArenaNet (5673/5209+ Gold coin distributed)

On Wiki of Gold is a player-run wiki improvement project supported by ArenaNet with in-game gold that gets awarded to wiki editors for contributing to sets of articles. You can read the Contribution Terms here. Note that all contributors to this project have to abide by these Contribution Terms and all contributing edits have be done with a wiki account (anonymous edits are disqualified).

Contributions to this project are done via edits to articles that are in sets listed below on this project page. Two articles are selected for each Set by Delsea: one article that could use improvement and one article that does not yet exist. Make a helpful, contributing edit to either article to be mailed 2 Gold coin in Guild Wars 2. Every person can get those 2 gold once per Set. Multiple Sets usually run consecutively, and you can get the 2 gold for each Set you contribute to.

To participate, make your contribution to an article that is in a Set listed below on this project page and then sign this page you're reading right now with the account name or character name where you would like the gold to be sent. You can add a brief description of what you added or changed to make your contribution easier to verify.

Edits must be accurate, clear, coherent, relevant to the topic, and improve the article. The edits can be either small or large. However, for the purposes of this project, making a few minor punctuation alterations is not substantial enough. If the article links to a relevant page or image that does not yet exist, creating this page or image will also count as an eligible edit. (Editing an article linked from the focus article only counts if the linked article was created after the Set was first assigned.)

This project is organised by Delsea (Dash.9340), and it's officially supported by ArenaNet (under the following Contribution Terms). If you happen to find this page while browsing the wiki, please feel free to participate. If you have any questions or suggestions for future articles to focus, please make a comment on the discussion page. All are welcome, everyone from wiki veterans to complete newcomers!

Accumulated Gems

Biography Water.png

For contributing to a Set, you also earn 20 Gems' worth of giftable Gem Store goods. You can save these up for a bigger purchase. Mail Delsea (Dash.9340) in-game to make your selection. Gems for this project have been supplied by the following sources:

  • Delsea (17,160 Gem.png distributed)
  • ArenaNet (21,130/21,600+ Gem.png distributed)

(The above numbers do not limit how many gems you can redeem at once.)

Current totals

  • 2,480 Gem.png Sime.3681
  • 2,040 Gem.png Melora.7418
  • 1,990 Gem.png Ventriloquist.5806
  • 1,460 Gem.png Valar Dotalis.6409
  • 1,420 Gem.png Azurem.9468
  • 1,360 Gem.png Cronos.6532
  • 1,280 Gem.png Zimbaland.5614
  • 1,100 Gem.png Sariel V.7024
  • 1,020 Gem.png Alex.3907
  • 880 Gem.png Adeira Tasharo.2837
  • 860 Gem.png Alcahata.2976
  • 860 Gem.png yanaru.4702
  • 800 Gem.png Eri.7085
  • 680 Gem.png whorl.8517
  • 680 Gem.png Tom Stone.3190
  • 620 Gem.png Feliscia Pardalis.5874
  • 600 Gem.png namylk.9483
  • 600 Gem.png Incarnazeus.5481
  • 520 Gem.png Rain Spell
  • 520 Gem.png areliorn.3165
  • 480 Gem.png Rhydicule.5187
  • 460 Gem.png Ojimaru.8970
  • 460 Gem.png Almdudler.6147
  • 460 Gem.png Kossage.9072
  • 460 Gem.png Anastasha.6792
  • 440 Gem.png Mishiara.9362
  • 420 Gem.png DeLuXe.3286
  • 400 Gem.png Nirushuni.3619
  • 380 Gem.png Vahkris.6847
  • 340 Gem.png LadyStark.1309
  • 340 Gem.png Encoded.7460
  • 340 Gem.png Teaniel.9052
  • 330 Gem.png Skadeth.2184
  • 330 Gem.png sakura.7961
  • 320 Gem.png BlueSakon.8147
  • 320 Gem.png Intricity.7056
  • 320 Gem.png Nebilim.5127
  • 300 Gem.png Kurage.4972
  • 290 Gem.png Teletric.3821
  • 280 Gem.png Tres.9207
  • 280 Gem.png Veterankyl.1260
  • 280 Gem.png DrHaxxor.9526
  • 260 Gem.png Adriaen.7895
  • 240 Gem.png qwert.8579
  • 240 Gem.png Dzjudz.9142
  • 240 Gem.png Raiton.2395
  • 240 Gem.png Anhim.3156
  • 220 Gem.png Kong.3280
  • 220 Gem.png Torin.9325
  • 220 Gem.png Cricket.4361
  • 220 Gem.png Starsicle.2895
  • 220 Gem.png Evo.1459
  • 220 Gem.png celltj.9531
  • 220 Gem.png Rognik.2579
  • 210 Gem.png KillerRabbit.1946
  • 200 Gem.png Dra Keln.2015
  • 200 Gem.png Thyme.6379
  • 200 Gem.png Underdark.3726
  • 180 Gem.png Zekowah.6480
  • 180 Gem.png AutoDemolisher.4795
  • 180 Gem.png OneTHICCBIH.4178
  • 180 Gem.png Shanoar.6549
  • 180 Gem.png Gandlos.5470
  • 180 Gem.png Lucatri.7945
  • 180 Gem.png llarryllamma.10462
  • 160 Gem.png Konig Des Todes.2086
  • 160 Gem.png Scro.1396
  • 160 Gem.png Kyx.4380
  • 160 Gem.png Raziva.3071
  • 160 Gem.png coldwaterq.6258
  • 160 Gem.png Linus The One.7432
  • 160 Gem.png Fivebrights.7359
  • 140 Gem.png chocomuffin.7201
  • 140 Gem.png ninjazzy.3024
  • 140 Gem.png Caestello.3057
  • 120 Gem.png Fishrock.5207
  • 120 Gem.png Garrus Delduwath.4072
  • 120 Gem.png Virsa.7298
  • 120 Gem.png Akuu.1580
  • 120 Gem.png Snakerider.2945
  • 100 Gem.png Cinnamonfox.4965
  • 100 Gem.png Elzo.5972
  • 100 Gem.png NintendoToad.4385
  • 100 Gem.png Overlord Odin.3958
  • 100 Gem.png benuzabeth.2367
  • 100 Gem.png Divinebaboon.4730
  • 100 Gem.png DeadPixl.2451
  • 100 Gem.png Loki.9462
  • 100 Gem.png Kulgin.9512
  • 80 Gem.png Elir.9851
  • 80 Gem.png BuLake.9218
  • 80 Gem.png shadow.6174
  • 80 Gem.png Palm Tiger.8275
  • 80 Gem.png Thief.6207
  • 80 Gem.png PieFTW.1485
  • 80 Gem.png Dauby.1205
  • 80 Gem.png throne.5621
  • 80 Gem.png artsja.7284
  • 80 Gem.png Chieftain Alex.2851
  • 80 Gem.png Nefastu.4571
  • 80 Gem.png Jaded.9467
  • 80 Gem.png Tom.2836
  • 80 Gem.png sai.6729
  • 80 Gem.png Asa Spades.4523
  • 60 Gem.png pbandfluff.2968
  • 60 Gem.png Feelm.1938
  • 60 Gem.png CzechHero.6517
  • 60 Gem.png Inculpatus cedo.9234
  • 60 Gem.png Grzechu.2564
  • 60 Gem.png Atrophied.8725
  • 60 Gem.png Gildarts.6529
  • 60 Gem.png Hyomage.4529
  • 60 Gem.png Zafpyr.7651
  • 60 Gem.png Apolus.3157
  • 60 Gem.png xenoril.8739
  • 60 Gem.png Deathmortus.7852
  • 40 Gem.png Azurimi.7621
  • 40 Gem.png Toke.3645
  • 40 Gem.png soosh.8215
  • 40 Gem.png Atelia.4852
  • 40 Gem.png Lady Elyssa.2469
  • 40 Gem.png yosme.6390
  • 40 Gem.png Draconnr.3695
  • 40 Gem.png Zaleth.1085
  • 40 Gem.png Jemikwa.2571
  • 40 Gem.png DrJackl.8205
  • 40 Gem.png Nobomoth.1439
  • 40 Gem.png SnoobY.9041
  • 40 Gem.png kurama.9430
  • 40 Gem.png Shaard.9741
  • 40 Gem.png Irisol.7652
  • 40 Gem.png Aquitaine.1679
  • 40 Gem.png Tanner Blackfeather.6509
  • 40 Gem.png Assic.2746
  • 40 Gem.png Xiphia.6954
  • 40 Gem.png Alphawolf.2709
  • 40 Gem.png Icko.1307
  • 40 Gem.png gmriggs.4628
  • 20 Gem.png Alexei Hart
  • 20 Gem.png Arcalane.2793
  • 20 Gem.png Steve.5178
  • 20 Gem.png bigTONY.8901
  • 20 Gem.png Ishara.3028
  • 20 Gem.png Saidedun.4358
  • 20 Gem.png Mikaq.7102
  • 20 Gem.png Relifed.7418
  • 20 Gem.png foxgod.1038
  • 20 Gem.png Marin Alacet.8723
  • 20 Gem.png Greyling.4768
  • 20 Gem.png Olivier Yuki.5614
  • 20 Gem.png adeyke.7621
  • 20 Gem.png Riven.4127
  • 20 Gem.png adeyke.7621
  • 20 Gem.png Tamara.2859
  • 20 Gem.png OriOri.8724
  • 20 Gem.png So Lucky.1075
  • 20 Gem.png Sejsel.8473
  • 20 Gem.png squeakydishie.1673
  • 20 Gem.png Redemption Of Truth
  • 20 Gem.png Licht Sieger.8496
  • 20 Gem.png Aeschines.1209
  • 20 Gem.png Fate.1523
  • 20 Gem.png Quise.5628
  • 20 Gem.png gimmethegepgun.1284
  • 20 Gem.png Luridel.5728
  • 20 Gem.png Adelas.6598
  • 20 Gem.png Rhetorical.2716
  • 20 Gem.png SilverBriar.6275
  • 20 Gem.png Xorekle.5610
  • 20 Gem.png ozzeh.7398
  • 20 Gem.png anzenketh.3759
  • 20 Gem.png Robdalf.2561
  • 20 Gem.png Finexen.3789
  • 20 Gem.png autumndragon.1270
  • 20 Gem.png EdgeOfDreams.8206
  • 20 Gem.png nelsoniels.8745
  • 20 Gem.png chrisjfinlay.5614
  • 20 Gem.png Pek Traan.2874
  • 20 Gem.png Simloe.1785
  • 20 Gem.png Hirukaru.8970
  • 20 Gem.png Lexwomy.7286
  • 20 Gem.png PaladinOne.1652
  • 20 Gem.png thehipone.6812
  • 20 Gem.png Xeshirem.5038
  • 20 Gem.png kazerniel.6391
  • 20 Gem.png blazeroni.4732
  • 20 Gem.png Rothgare Ablewise.9046
  • 20 Gem.png Trevboi.1065
  • 20 Gem.png Hitakashi.5063
  • 20 Gem.png VariableFlame.6384
  • 20 Gem.png Xelanger.6430
  • 20 Gem.png Miruki.9032
  • 20 Gem.png ponYthink.9872
  • 20 Gem.png khz.8617
  • 20 Gem.png Xaverian.3081
  • 20 Gem.png Kagosin.8521
  • 20 Gem.png allisondellue.4683
  • 20 Gem.png amidare.9561
  • 20 Gem.png Daniel.7526
  • 20 Gem.png mypinkbunny.4513
  • 20 Gem.png Zarza.5069
  • 20 Gem.png Legendary Hero Kuck.8540
  • 20 Gem.png zach.1952

Adventure Calendar


By participating in 24 different Sets between 640 and 670, you can work towards an any giftable Gem Store item work up to 800 Gem.png! See the event description above Set 640 for more details. This special event has a limited duration.

Below is a list of players who have partial progress towards this goal. Note that this only lists contributions where the gold has already been sent. If your contribution is approved or soon to be approved, you can include those when determining if you've reached your target


  • 30 Guild Merit.png Ventriloquist.5806
  • 29 Magitech Medium Armor Skin.png Sime.3681
  • 28 Shiverpeaks Mounts Pack.png LadyStark.1309
  • 26 Consortium Harvesting Sickle.png Valar Dotalis.6409
  • 26 Runecrafter's Salvage-o-Matic.png Cronos.6532
  • 26 Recharging Teleport to Friend.png areliorn.3165
  • 25 Runecrafter's Salvage-o-Matic.png Zimbaland.5614
  • 25 Lucky Dog Harvesting Tool.png Incarnazeus.5481
  • 25 Guild Merit.png yanaru.4702
  • 25 Guild Merit.png Melora.7418
  • 24 Runecrafter's Salvage-o-Matic.png Rina.1729
  • 24 Scaled Dragon Wings Backpack Glider Combo.png Konig Des Todes.2086
  • 24 Legion Jetpack Glider.png Tom Stone.3190
  • 24 Guild Merit.png Adeira Tasharo.2837
  • 22 Guild Merit.png Eri.7085
  • 18 Guild Merit.png Almdudler.6147
  • 11 Guild Merit.png Torin.9325
  • Guild Merit.png OneTHICCBIH.4178
  • Guild Merit.png Nirushuni.3619
  • Guild Merit.png Kurage.4972
  • Guild Merit.png PieFTW.1485
  • Guild Merit.png Anastasha.6792
  • Guild Merit.png Kossage.9072
  • Guild Merit.png soosh.8215
  • Guild Merit.png Starsicle.2895
  • Guild Merit.png Azurimi.7621
  • Guild Merit.png Sariel V.7024
  • Guild Merit.png AutoDemolisher.4795
  • Guild Merit.png shadow.6174
  • Guild Merit.png ponYthink.9872
  • Guild Merit.png khz.8617
  • Guild Merit.png Xaverian.3081
  • Guild Merit.png Toke.3645
  • Guild Merit.png chocomuffin.7201
  • Guild Merit.png Kagosin.8521
  • Guild Merit.png whorl.8517
  • Guild Merit.png Palm Tiger.8275

Set 699 — February 14-20, 2019[edit]

  • Dreg Shark Extractor‏‎ (raid bundle, no screenshot)
    • yanaru.4702Approved for gold distribution. Thanks for creating this article. So you throw these? I've never been the one in my group to use one. I thought it was like a harpoon or something.
    • (sign your account name here)

Set 701 — February 16-22, 2019[edit]

  • Lone-Tree Hill
    • Valar Dotalis.6409Gold sent. Thanks for describing how to get to this point of interests. And, importantly, thanks for describing what it actually is.
    • Ojimaru.8970Gold sent. Thanks for the screenshot. This location lives up to its name!
    • (sign your account name here)
  • Honeycomb (Mordrem Beekeeper) (object during the Vinewrath fight)
    • Sime.3681Approved for gold distribution. Thanks for managing to take a screenshot to include in this new article that you created!
    • (sign your account name here)

Set 712 — February 28 - March 6, 2019[edit]

  • Matthew Medina (Matthew Medina worked for ArenaNet for sixteen years, but we have surprisingly few examples of his work. He appeared in seven episodes of Guild Chat and one episode of Points of Interest, so there is surely more content out there that we could specifically credit him for.)
    • KonigGold sent. Thanks for adding two very relevant pieces of work he did that were essential in the creation of Guild Wars 2.
    • LadyStark.1309Gold sent. Thanks for listing two more things he worked on that could be experienced by players in game. You also added a couple of external links.
    • (sign your account name here)
  • Hiding Villager Wandill (event NPC)
    • Valar Dotalis.6409Gold sent. Thanks for researching this NPC's involved events, locations, and a line of dialogue. These edits were transplanted to the Wandill article, but are still 100% valid for contribution credit. I was unaware that this NPC already an article under a different name when I assigned it to the Set.
    • KonigThanks for a second contribution to this Set. You identified that the Hiding Village edits belonged in the Wandill article and relocated these.
    • (sign your account name here)
  • Heated Stone (Bitterfront Frontier event bundle)
    • Sime.3681Approved for gold distribution. Thanks for finding and screenshotting this tiny stone to create this article!
    • (sign your account name here)

Set 723 — March 20-27, 2019[edit]

  • Jahai Bluffs Chest (Suggested by Adeira Tasharo. Do we have an established way of documenting where these can be found? Also, the list of locations might be longer.)
    • Valar Dotalis.6409Gold sent. Thanks for listing five additional areas.
    • Adeira TasharoGold sent. Thanks for adding starting a gallery by adding two maps to these chests.
    • (sign your account name here)

Set 725 — March 22-29, 2019[edit]

  • Coin or Currency (This Reddit thread from a couple of weeks ago had some interesting discussion based on the value of gold in lore. As far as I can tell, we don't have any articles that collect this kind of research. Additionally, at least one part of the Currency article is out of date.)
    • Valar Dotalis.6409Gold sent. Thanks for noting that the Gilded Infusion is now an Enrichment and that it rewards an ascended amulet to use.
    • (sign your account name here)
  • Mordrem Belcher Mordrem Breacher
    • PbandfluffApproved for gold distribution. Thank you to you, BuffsEverywhere, and Konig for investigating this. Although you did npt directly edit this article, your research turned up a YouTube video that specifically mentions that this foe's name was changed "a couple of times" during development, and I used this as a basis to add a trivia note to the Mordrem Breacher article.
    • (sign your account name here)
  • Sturdy Tree (Snowden Drifts object)
    • pbandfluff.2968Gold sent. Thank you for the thorough job you did of documenting this object, including a screenshot, its location, and behaviour.
    • (sign your account name here)

Set 726 — March 25-31, 2019[edit]

  • World versus World (Suggested by Rain Spell, who has a good list of potential areas for improvement on this project's discussion page.)
    • Valar Dotalis.6409Gold sent. Thanks for expanding and improving the matchmaking and linking sections. I also like your comparison of the defensibility of different objectives.
    • Rain SpellGold sent. Thank you for giving this article so much attention. You highlighted your improvements to the Zerg section, but you've improved much more that just that, both before and after this Set was assigned you your suggestion.
    • PbandfluffGold sent. Thanks for fleshing out some sections and streamlining others.
    • Sime.3681Gold sent. Great idea to add the Bonus Events section.
    • anzenketh.3759 Fixed some wording to remove dead. Added linked to primary articles where I could find them.
    • (sign your account name here)
  • Steam Pipe Controls (dungeon object)
    • Ojimaru.8970Gold sent. Thanks for the screenshot and for describing what this object actually does.
    • (sign your account name here)

Set 729 — March 30 - April 5, 2019[edit]

  • Super Adventure 1-2
    • Elir.9851Gold sent. Your work here and on the Super Adventure 1-1 is very helpful! Your screenshots and descriptions will allow people familiar with the level but unfamiliar with the adventure to visualise where the coins will appear.
    • (sign your account name here)
  • Shining Blade Assassin Shining Blade Guard (Seraph Morale) (NPC ally summoned by Seraph Morale in Lake Doric, 3 articles link here)
    • Ojimaru.8970Gold sent. Good research here. You uncovered the correct name, created the article with a description of the summon's behaviour, and took a screenshot for it too.
    • (sign your account name here)

Set 731 — April 4-10, 2019[edit]

  • Super Adventure Box Chair (A new and very visually striking chair. Different race/gender combinations sit on chairs differently, but we don't have a gallery of appearances. See Luxurious Pile of Gold for an example.)
    • Kong.3280Approved for gold distribution. Thanks for adding give race/gender combination screenshots. I love how different models can sit on these chairs differently!
    • (sign your account name here)
  • Sunny Glade/Tribulation Mode (The wiki had no guides for Tribulation Mode content. With much of the single-player content being of trivial difficulty, this is one of the few things players might truly need assistance with, and we currently have no guidance for them. 2 articles link here)
    • whorl.8517Approved for gold distribution. Thanks for getting a great start with an intro and a written guide to the first two checkpoints.
    • Elir.9851Approved for gold distribution. Thanks for adding many details. The map you uploaded is particularly helpful!
    • yanaru.4702Approved for gold distribution. Thanks for extending the written guide up to checkpoint 5.
    • (sign your account name here)

Set 732 — April 7-13, 2019[edit]

  • Poison Vent (Silverwastes Breach object/foe? 1 article links here)
    • Comment: Seen the effect linking there, but couldn't find anything with this name in the actual fight. If anyone else could also check it, that would be great. ~SimeUser Sime Maraca Choya.pngTalk 17:37, 25 April 2019 (UTC)
    • Comment: In case any researchers are wondering, Poisonous Buildup.png Poisonous Buildup isn't related to the Poison Bubbles around the arena. I've tried killing Bubbles under, and around the Champion at over and under 50% health to no avail. Ojimaru (talk) 13:27, 14 May 2019 (UTC)
    • (sign your account name here)

Set 735 — April 14-20, 2019[edit]

  • Pro League (There were two seasons of the Pro League, right?)
    • (sign your account name here)
  • Tear Cinderskull (one of many Armistice Bastion NPCs with no image)
    • Sime.3681Approved for gold distribution. Thanks for creating this dungeon vendor article.
    • (sign your account name here)

Set 736 — April 16-22, 2019[edit]

  • Super Adventure 2-1 (See the Super Adventure articles for 1-1 and 1-2 to see what this could look like.)
    • Elir.9851Gold sent. Great work on this article, as well as 1-1, 1-2, 1-3, and 2-3. We're well prepare for next year now! You added screenshots, descriptions, and other notes that allow players to review their strategies while preparing to run the course.
    • (sign your account name here)
  • Imprisoned Scout (Fields of Ruin event ally)
    • Sime.3681Approved for gold distribution. Thanks for recording seven lines of dialogue when you created this article. You also sourced a screenshot and confirmed that these become Freed Scouts.
    • (sign your account name here)

Set 737 — April 20-27, 2019[edit]

  • Maguuma Pact Operation Portal Device (The Silverwastes isn't listed in the table. As this is not on a fixed time schedule, is this truly included as one of the possible events to teleport to?)
    • Sime.3681Approved for gold distribution. Thanks for listing six maps and writing three notes.
    • whorl.8517Approved for gold distribution. The table of nine notification times and locations is very helpful, especially in regard to meta events that have multiple notable times.
    • Comment: Silverwastes are mentioned in the promo article for the device on the official site Can't confirm personally, however. ~SimeUser Sime Maraca Choya.pngTalk 17:20, 25 April 2019 (UTC)
    • (sign your account name here)
  • Veteran Gravid Battle Beetle (Tangled Depths event ally)
    • Valar Dotalis.6409Approved for gold distribution. Thanks for creating this article. Looks like you got everything: event involvement, location, sourced screenshot. Thanks for adding some event context to the intro sentence too.
    • (sign your account name here)

Set 738 — April 21-28, 2019[edit]

  • Skyscale (Is there more to be researched about this mount and how it works?)
    • Elir.9851Approved for gold distribution. Thanks for creating the article for the linked Blast skyscale skill.
    • Sime.3681Approved for gold distribution. Thanks for adding two screenshots, listing nine achievements, and for adding that interesting note about dyeing a skyscale before unlocking one.
    • Ojimaru.8970Gold sent. Thank you for your excellent research, descriptions, and images!
    • Adeira Tasharo (talk) note and create Time Trial.png Waiting for Gorrik
    • (sign your account name here)

Set 739 — April 22-29, 2019[edit]

  • The Forge or Heart of the Forge
    • Sime.3681Approved for gold distribution. Thanks for adding the great screenshot and the coordinates for the point of interest.
    • Snakerider.2945Gold sent. Thanks for listing one ally and three foes for the area article.
    • Ojimaru.8970Thanks for a second contribution to this Set. You got a good angle for your screenshot of The Forge. I don't know if YouTubers in the future will use wiki screenshots as they talk about the game's locations and history... but they should, and this would one would good in their videos.
    • (sign your account name here)
  • Glyph of the Stars
    • Elir.9851Approved for gold distribution. Thanks for creating this article. Your contribution definitely counts.
    • Valar Dotalis.6409Approved for gold distribution. Thanks for creating the version history for this skill. It may be short now, but it's good to have it!
    • Ojimaru.8970Gold sent. Thanks for improving the two new linked articles for the different forms of this skill, adding a screenshot of the animation for each.
    • yanaru.4702Approved for gold distribution. Thank you for adding a gallery of what using this skill can look like! These skill appearances are very underdocumented on the wiki, but they can be essential for reading one's opponent in PvP. Thanks also for noting where the icon originated.
    • (sign your account name here)

Set 740 — April 25 - May 1, 2019[edit]

Set 741 — April 30 - May 6, 2019[edit]

  • Branded Riftstone
    • Valar Dotalis.6409Approved for gold distribution. Thanks for noting the possibility of item failure.
    • User:SarielVGold sent. Thank you for the usage notes you wrote. These cleared up any remaining questions that I had about this item.
    • (sign your account name here)
  • Solar Orb Solar Core
    • Elir.9851Approved for gold distribution. Thanks for creating this article. I appreciate your attempt to get a good screenshot of your source, but it looks like it's one of those things that is difficult to capture unless the player is intentionally trying to get a good look!
    • Ojimaru.8970Gold sent. Thanks for the new screenshot. Note that screenshots typically do not have any user interface elements in them, but I understand that this particular object might lack context without it. Thanks for also recording what makes these appear and for correcting the article name.
    • (sign your account name here)

Set 742 — May 1-7, 2019[edit]

  • Cosmetic aura (The Acquisition section might have room for updating with the event below.)
    • Elir.9851Approved for gold distribution. Thanks for noting eleven items that can now potentially be obtained from the Bonus Box of Goods.
    • KonigGold sent. Thanks for noting that nine of these can potentially be obtained from the Zephyrite Supply Box, which was something that had previously been overlooked.
    • Adeira TasharoGold sent. Thanks for adding a second source for Moto's Unstable Bauble Infusion: Red. I didn't realise that it was possible to get a second one of these as of this year.
    • (sign your account name here)
  • Weeklong Bonus: World Bosses Weeklong Bonus Event Bonus Event (Documenting these is much more difficult after the details are forgotten. See this news and the Bonus Box of Goods article. Would previous WvW events fit under this header?)
    • Elir.9851Approved for gold distribution. Thanks for creating this article. I like the style you went with; copying the Releases article was a good idea.
    • zach.1952Gold sent. Thanks for adding an introduction and some further details to the article.
    • Sime.3681 - I merged Weeklong Bonus Event and Bonus Event, because they covered the same thing + not all bonus events were/are called/lasted Weeklong, so just Bonus event seems more appropriate.
    • Ojimaru.8970Gold sent. Thanks for getting the drop rate widget up for the linked Bonus Box of Goods article.
    • (sign your account name here)

Set 743 — May 2-8, 2019[edit]

  • Exordium (new legendary greatsword with more than usual to document)
    • Ojimaru.8970Gold sent. Thanks for your work with the gallery and descriptions, especially as this weapon has so many transformations. Thanks also for your early work on the new linked articles.
    • yanaru.4702Approved for gold distribution. Thanks for noting the greatswords transformation using the Spear of Justice skill.
    • (sign your account name here)
  • Mist Shard armor (new armor set)
    • Sime.3681Approved for gold distribution. Thanks for creating the framework of this article when we had so little info.
    • asamoth.2150Approved for gold distribution. Thanks for improving the new linked articles by weight by uploading 12 screenshots of asura wearing this armor.
    • Valar Dotalis.6409Approved for gold distribution. Thanks for noting that this is available via the War Eternal release.
    • Adeira Tasharo (talk) male charr
    • Anastasha.6792 - Added images of female norn and female sylvari for all Mist Shard and Blossoming Mist Shard armor sets that were missing them, which was most of them.
    • (sign your account name here)

Set 744 — May 7-13, 2019[edit]

  • Dune Roller or any of its skills (Zarza reports that this article is using the incorrect skill icons, as per this image)
    • yanaru.4702Approved for gold distribution. Thanks for the three notes that resulted from your research.
    • (sign your account name here)
  • Seed Bundle Bundle of Seeds (Twilight Arbor story mode bundle)
    • Sime.3681Approved for gold distribution. Thanks for finding one of these and then creating the article under its correct name.
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Set 745 — May 11-17, 2019[edit]

  • Mistborn Mote (harvestable on the new map)
    • Elir.9851Approved for gold distribution. Thanks for creating the linked node article and for uploading a screenshot.
    • (sign your account name here)

Set 746 — May 12-18, 2019[edit]

  • Stolen Elixir Grawl Potion (allegedly something you can have in your inventory, 1 article links here)
  • Comment: It is actually Grawl Potions obtained from Stolen Elixirs. Stolen Elixir doesn't exist. ~SimeUser Sime Maraca Choya.pngTalk 15:37, 12 May 2019 (UTC)
    • Sime.3681Approved for gold distribution. Thanks for specified where this is required and for making other fixes on this article that has gone unloved since 2015.
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Set 747 — May 14-20, 2019[edit]

  • Dragon's Watch (we don't have much info on the activities of Dragon's Watch, just the membership)
    • (sign your account name here)
  • The End (first story step of War Eternal)
    • Adeira TasharoApproved for gold distribution. Thanks for listing five rewards from this story step and for correcting the infobox's initial information.
    • Konig (talk) Expanded walkthrough, though 90% of the instance is scripted.
    • Almdudler.6147 - Added My story journal description
    • Sime.3681 - Added the open world dialogue + some npcs
    • Ojimaru.8970Gold sent. Thanks for listing thirty-two objectives, listing the skills available to the instance owner, and for writing a guide for the Salt in the Wound achievement.
    • User:SarielV - adjusted skill list format, added section for helper skills, added one helper skills (thought the others were the same as leader's ^^;), and added notes about helper skill mechanics.
    • yanaru.4702 - updated the helper skills/effects
    • (sign your account name here)

Set 748 — May 15-21, 2019[edit]

  • Skyscale Eggs (links to many articles that are yet to be created)
    • Elir.9851Approved for gold distribution. Thanks for the walkthrough table and text descriptions off to a great start!
    • Rain Spell (talk) - Redid images to be map versions. Purging the cache isn't working so I don't get to see it T_T.
      • Comment: You uploaded your map screenshots over the contributed close up screenshots when both could have co-exited in the table. And now that the map is posted to the bottom of the page, the map snippets are even less useful that the close screenshots would have been. Although you did contribute to the article, you took away from it in equal measure. :( -- Dashface User Dashface.png
        • I can see how that would disqualify me in this case. Please feel free to do so. The images being used all had UI showing, confusing/small or rotated/unclear minimaps, so I felt if they were all going to be replaced anyway, might as well do it now. I can see how this would be taken badly, and I'm sorry if I stepped on any toes. --Rain Spell (talk)
          • Comment: The rotated minimaps were definitely confusing, and I saw someone complain about that on Reddit too. However, we could have cropped these contributors' screenshots until better versions could be sourced. If you (or someone else) find a way to restore these screenshots, ideally alongside your new ones, I will still credit you for the improvements you made. I know you made these changes in good faith. -- Dashface User Dashface.png
            • I've added a framework of sorts to make it easier for someone to add additional images to the article. I can't see the egg spawns any longer or I'd just upload my own. (This isn't an area I expect credit in. It's just cleaning it up my mess a bit <3) --Rain Spell (talk) 23:38, 20 May 2019 (UTC)
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Set 749 — May 16-22, 2019[edit]

  • Saving Skyscales or any of its subcollection articles (It's possible that we may be able to guide people on how to do this with as little map-hopping as possible.)

Set 750 — May 18-24, 2019[edit]

  • Skyscale Fever (by popular request)
    • Rain Spell (talk) - Added instructions to the Skyscale Fever collection. We need non-UI and clean images of all the collection locations as well. Right now they're utilitarian, but busy and unattractive.
    • Kong.3280 - Adding some missing hints to Skyscale Fever collection, and editing a few with easier directions. I also agree with Rain Spell, several images showing locations of items (various collections) shiow a minimap/radar that rotates and makes direction difficult to determine. I'm also finding several "under the letter" hints to be inaccurate and miss leading, so they are being removed.
    • (sign your account name here)

Set 751 — May 19-25, 2019[edit]

  • Landfall (new story step)
    • Sime.3681Approved for gold distribution. Thanks for adding nine objectives, an achievement, and seven allies.
    • Adeira TasharoApproved for gold distribution. Thanks for listing the five rewards given for completing this episode.
    • Ojimaru.8970Gold sent. Thanks for writing a walkthrough for this story step and for marking the taps on a map.
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Set 752 — May 19-25, 2019[edit]

  • Umbral Battlegrounds (new area)
    • Valar Dotalis.6409Approved for gold distribution. Thanks for listing fiften NPCs and three objects.
    • Ojimaru.8970Gold sent. Thanks for a screenshot of this new area.
    • yanaru.4702Approved for gold distribution. Thanks for listing eleven more NPCs.
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  • Defend the bridge (new event with four variations according the zone talk page, 1 article links here)
    • Comment - Page already exists, I just had the wrong capitalization. Moving now. - Ojimaru (talk) 13:25, 20 May 2019 (UTC)
      • Comment: As this article already exists, I will add a new option to this set. However, improving this event article will still count for this set. -- Dashface User Dashface.png
    • (sign your account name here)
  • Tower of the Third (Is there any more lore about this tree? Any event conversations or ambient dialogue about it that could help expand the description? Who is the Third?)
    • Ojimaru.8970Thanks for a second contribution to this Set. You took a nice screenshot for this new article you've created.
    • Comment "The Third" here may refer to Melandru, as she was the third god to arrive from the Mists. Other than that, I haven't heard any ambient dialogue that refers to the tree. - Ojimaru (talk) 22:55, 24 May 2019 (UTC)
    • (sign your account name here)

Set 753 — May 22-28, 2019[edit]

  • Riding Skyscales (one of the few skyscale collections where we're missing a bunch of info due to how few players have reached this point)
    • Ojimaru.8970Gold sent. Great work labelling all 28 map images in the newly-created linked Skyscale Flight article! And you also added the nearest waypoint for each too.
    • (sign your account name here)
  • Rescue the downed charr pilot (new event, links to an NPC article that is yet to be created)
    • Valar Dotalis.6409Approved for gold distribution. Thanks for adding two map labels and for adding two extra areas to the description.
    • Sime.3681Approved for gold distribution. Thanks for creating this article with a map, three lines of dialogue, and a list of four involved NPCs.
    • Ojimaru.8970Thanks for a second contribution to this Set. You added a screenshot to the newly-created and linked Charr Pilot article and listed the Wounded effect too.
    • Zekowah.6480 - Added missing event mobs, updated a couple lines of dialogue.
    • (sign your account name here)

Set 754 — May 23-29, 2019[edit]

  • Glyph of Reaping (I was mislead by this this video of what looks like the glyph not working! Well, if you can find anything that needs improving in this article, please feel free to improve it.)
    • Comment: 99% sure the glyph was removed from the gathering tool at said timestamp. - Ojimaru (talk) 20:06, 22 May 2019 (UTC)
    • Comment: Uploader confirmed that the glyh was removed. —Kvothe (talk) 21:10, 22 May 2019 (UTC)
    • Ojimary.8970 — Added link to Node farm article.
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Set 755 — May 25-31, 2019[edit]

  • Wing's Shadow (new area)
    • Valar Dotalis.6409Approved for gold distribution. Thanks for listing eight NPCs and seven objects.
    • Ojimaru.8970Gold sent. Thanks for taking a screenshot that features the wing itself prominently.
    • KonigApproved for gold distribution. Thanks for the intro that describes the significance of this area. All area articles could benefit from an intro like this if only all areas had such interesting properties!
    • yanaru.4702Approved for gold distribution. Thanks for listing seven foes and an additional gathering node. Thanks also for being the original creator of this article before this Set began.
    • Anastasha.6792 - Created linked Chaos Gate PoI with screenshot
    • (sign your account name here)

Set 756 — May 26 - June 1, 2019[edit]

Set 757 — May 28 - June 3, 2019[edit]

  • Caithe (missing info from her Sylvari personal story involvement)
    • Ojimaru.8970 — Wrote up the early sylvari story involvement.
    • (sign your account name here)

Set 758 — May 30 - June 5, 2019[edit]

  • Any article affected by the May 28 patch (also includes the patch article itself including the Guild Wars 2 Wiki Notes section)

Set 759 — June 1-7, 2019[edit]

  • Protect the engineers while they install ley reflectors in the Underworld (possibly more event dialogue)
    • Zekowah.6480Approved for gold distribution. Thank you for both describing what this event does and how to complete it when you created this article. As you've noted a bug here too, it's even more likely people will visit this article to see what's going on with it.
      • Comment: I can't take most of the credit! I ended up re-using the page format and a lot of what was written from previous pages Ojimaru and AnastashaRomanov had done. I had intended to do more but ran out of time and left a lot of things empty or broken that left me as a poor excuse as an editor, indeed! Honestly, I don't mind not getting approval for this, as it was other editors who did most everything on the page. I simply sat down, copy pasta'd, and created it. I was super sleep-deprived when I was working on it and didn't think about it too much when I added my name here. Muirellthe Moon Geode.png 21:43, 3 June 2019 (UTC)
    • Anastasha.6792Approved for gold distribution. Thanks for further expanding the intro, adding the objectives, and for verifying that the dialogue here is the same as the event in the Burning Forest (and then adding it here too). You also listed sixteen participating NPCs.
    • (sign your account name here)

Set 760 — June 2-8, 2019[edit]

  • Living World Season 4 (Several sections have no information.)
    • Ojimaru.8970 — Wrote up Deepstone Fractal, Mythwright Gambit, Secret Lair of the Snowmen raid, and Rift Stalkers
    • (sign your account name here)
  • Melandru's Lost Domain (new sub-zone, 19 articles link here)
    • Comment: Does this area have any lore aside from what we see in Dragonfall? If so, maybe we can separate the page on Melandru's domain and the Dragonfall version, similar to how Burning Forest (Dragonfall) has the parenthesis (though that was originally because there's a hero point of the same name. Similarly, for the Underworld, since there's lots of lore on the area as it is now, I might make Underworld (Dragonfall) so that it doesn't get confused with the actual realm that dates back to GW1, like Fissure of Woe. -- User:AnastashaRomanov
      • Sadly all we know about Melandru's Domain comes from War Eternal. It's the first we've ever had word on it. Konig (talk) 21:04, 1 June 2019 (UTC)
    • Sime.3681 - Created, missing into/lore, miscellaneous events, screen.
    • Konig (talk) Added lore intro and screenshot.
    • (sign your account name here)

Set 761 — June 3-9, 2019[edit]

  • Melandru's Chalice (new area, no screenshot)
    • Valar Dotalis.6409 - Added npcs and objects.
    • Sime.3681 - Added some additional npc, objects and nodes.
    • Elir.9851 — Added screenshot, edited some foes which I believe are not part of the zone. (Also added screenshot for the linked Will-o-the-Wisp.)
    • (sign your account name here)
  • Memory Fragment (new collectible object? some articles link here)
    • Elir.9851 — Created object, not sure if gives/goal/req is correct.
    • Ojimaru.8970 — added other locations; These are Aurene's memory fragments, much like Glint's and Vlast's, they are snapshots of notable events during LWS4. They appear when players begin Vision I: Awakening.
    • (sign your account name here)

Set 762 — June 4-10, 2019[edit]

  • Defeat the Arbiter of the Dead (This new event is long/difficult and is required for an achievement. What recommendations can we make for completing it? When can it occur and not occur?)
    • (sign your account name here)