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As the balance of magic comes undone, lead your allies in the hunt for the rogue god Balthazar, whose scorched-earth campaign threatens the very existence of Tyria.

— Official site

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Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire is the second expansion pack for Guild Wars 2. It was released on September 22, 2017, at approximately 16:00.

Two preview weekends were available to all players—the first from Friday, August 11 through Sunday, August 13, and the second on Friday, August 18 through to Sunday, August 20.[1]

Two stress tests were available for all players—one on August 31,[2] and the second on September 7[3]—for only about 2 hours each.


Editions available
  • Standard Edition ($29.99 / €29,99 / £25.99)
  • Deluxe Edition ($54.99 / €54,99 / £47.99)
  • Ultimate Edition ($79.99 / €79,99 / £69.99)
Items Standard Deluxe Ultimate
Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire (expansion) 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes
Level-80 Boost 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes
Additional Character Slot 0No 1Yes 1Yes
Identity Repair Kit 0No 1Yes 1Yes
Spearmarshal's Presence 0No 1Yes 1Yes
Lily of the Elon Permanent Pass 0No 1Yes 1Yes
4000 Gems ($ / € / £50 value) 0No 0No 1Yes

If a player bought the Standard version of the expansion, they can choose to upgrade to the Deluxe version via the Black Lion Trading Company for 2,400 Gem.png. You cannot upgrade to Ultimate from either Standard or Deluxe.


Pre-purchasing became available on August 1, 2017. Accounts that pre-purchased received:



Crystal Desert[edit]


  • Five new mounts as part of the mastery system. They are available for use across all of Tyria, not just within the Crystal Desert (including guild halls, but not instances anterior to PoF).[4]
    • The Raptor — A hardy saurian, capable of leaping horizontally across long distances.
    • The Springer — A large jerboa-like creature, capable of jumping vertically to great heights.
    • The Skimmer — A floating manta ray-like creature, capable of hovering above water and environmental hazards.
    • The Jackal — An elemental canine, capable of blinking across short distances and of making precision jumps.
    • The Griffon — A cat-bodied bird, capable of gliding across the sky with great speed.
  • Living World Season 4, only accessible to those who own Path of Fire, introduces further mounts and a mount-related mastery track:
    • The Roller Beetle — A giant beetle that curls into a ball to race downhill and smash through walls. It wears a floating magitech saddle fashioned from asuran technology. Unlocked via Long Live the Lich.
    • The Crystal Champion mastery track adds additional skills common to all mounts.

Elite specializations[edit]

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